What You Need To Know About Pepper Spray

What You Need To Know About Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray- 3rd Gate IncThe world we live in is changing. Everyday we hear and see various reports of crimes ranging from assault and battery to more heinous deeds that defy explanation. The men and women who wear a badge do the best job they can do but even that is not enough to help many on an individual level. The issue with the law is that many times they do not know when something is going to happen. Also, when a crime occurs there is usually a lapse in time for their reply. This time lapse can cost a person like you safety, health, and even your life. A very common form of self defense that helps in situations of this nature is pepper spray.

It isn’t enough to just buy a pepper spray. They work the best when you know what you got and what to do with it. You have to have confidence in the tool you use. If you do not, in your most critical moment it could actually be more of a detriment then a help. That is why confidence in their use is so important. It allows your most important tool to function… you.

You have to protect your most valuable asset. You are that asset. If you provide for your family, with you gone who makes the provision? Over many years we have seen a trend where personal protection products have become a part of everyday life. A tried and true product to protect oneself in a sticky situation is pepper spray. It allows you to stop humans (people) from attacking you quickly and safely. It can also be used for wild or hostile dogs. Very easy to use and can stop an attacker in their tracks within a matter of seconds.

What’s In it?

Active ingredient you find in pepper spray is called OC (Oleoresin Capsicum). The normal sprays come in 10% or 15% (we have a line at PepperSpraytion.com that goes to 23%!) with a heat rating of around 2 million.

OC is non flammable and non toxic and comes from cayenne peppers. In spray form OC is an inflammatory agent, causing immediate dilation of the nose, lungs, throat, and the eyes! This results in temporary blindness and constricted breathing. Though it does not lead to death, the effects can last up to a total of 45 minutes and gives the attacker the feeling of dying. The reason pepper spray is so effective is that the effects take place immediately giving you that extra time you need to escape and seek help as quickly as possible.

Is Pepper Spray Legal?

It is completely legal although in some places you may find certain rules and restrictions that you must follow. You can’t take it on airplanes and some states may restrict its usage or require a Firearms Identification Card to own or use it. Always check with your local state regulations before you purchase any form of self defense product including pepper spray.

It Can Easily Be Hidden

When you do your daily rounds pepper spray is easy to hide. Women can easily carry it in their purse or on a key chain. There are so many versions of it (and sizes) that a unit of it can easily match your lifestyle (great for joggers).

Where Can I Find It

Pepperspraytion.com is the premier spot for premium pepper sprays. We have quality sprays of all sizes and shapes to fit your need.

Remember, when it comes to protecting your most valuable asset you need the best. Nothing matters more then your health and safety. You owe it to yourself to own the best.

You can visit us here for all your pepper spray needs.